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Salon GreenWall - La végétalisation des constructions
11 décembre 2013 à Gembloux

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Mars 2012







Green roof golf on the high seas

The "Celebrity Solstice", the largest cruise ship ever built in Germany, was launched from the slipway of the Meyer shipyard in

Papenburg just a few weeks ago.However, it is not the luxury cruiser's gigantic dimensions that are setting new standards but rather

the attention-grabbing leisure feature in the form of a natural and playable golfing lawn covering an area of 1,500 m² on the uppermost

deck ("The Lawn Club") 36 metres above sea level. According to the ship's owner, the green roof - or rather "green deck" -

is the first of this kind and dimension ever installed on a ship. Celebrity Cruises is marketing the green idea as an attraction for anyone

who wants to feel real grass underfoot when out at sea - golf, boccia, croquet, and picnics on real grass will offer even more variety

on board between Florida and the Bahamas.

When the project planners took their ideas along to meet with Jörg Breuning and Peter Phillippi, the German owners of the

Green Roof Service company, they were completely in the dark as to how the ship owner's wishes should be made a reality.

Jörg Breuning took the matter to heart and was able to fall back on his on long-standing experience as a green roofer in Germany

and on the support of Optigrün international AG (trade mark "Optigreen"). Although the requirements of a "green deck" are very similar

to those of a "green roof", they are compounded by additional complicating factors such as, for instance, a permanently functional, stable,

light-weight layer build-up suitable for playing golf, protected against wind drift and able to withstand varying climatic and atmospheric

conditions and changing pitch (from 2% to 27%, depending on the weather at sea).

The new system solution named "Lawn Deck" was developed on the basis of tried and tested Optigreen green roofing systems.

A classic multi-layer build-up forms the foundation, in this particular case equipped with a type FKD 40 spec solid body drainage system

and lawn substrate type "R extra light". The "green deck" was installed on site at the Meyer shipyard by Optigreen partner company

Borchers of Surwold under the management of Bernhard Mescher and Jörg Breuning. The construction period for the green deck

was approximately two weeks. This special project proves once again that the installation of green areas on "buildings" is subject to very few limits.

Dr. Gunter Mann
Optigrün international AG
Am Birkenstock 19
D-72505 Krauchenwies-Göggingen
Tel. 07576-772-0 Fax 07576-772-299
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Please add photo credit "Optigreen/Ingrid Fiebak". Thank you.

The "Celebrity Solstice" in all its glory - over 300 metres long, 16 decks

The luxury liner is "greened" and awaits its guests

Men at work - applying the special substrate Type "R extra light"

Fun and games on the "lawn deck"

Please add photo credit "Optigreen/Ingrid Fiebak". Thank you.


Construction site sign

Cruise ship "Celebrity Solstice"

Ship owner
Celebrity Cruises, Miami/Florida, USA
Wilson Butler Architects, Boston/MA, USA
Ship building
Meyer Shipyard, Papenburg, Germany
Technical details
Ship length: 315 m, ship width: 36.8 m
Passenger cabins: 1,426; passengers: 2,852
Crew: 1,270; draught: 8 m

Green area Deck 15 ("The Lawn Club")

Approx. 1,500 m²
General contractor
(Development, design, management)

Green Roof Service LLC, Forest Hill/Maryland, USA
Lawn for recreational use: golf, boccia, croquet, etc.
Special coating applied by Meyer Shipyard
Green area build-up
Green roofing system Optigreen by Optigrün international AG, Krauchenwies, Germany
Optigreen Partner Company Borchers GmbH, Surwold, Germany
Irrigation system
LG Rain GmbH, Wrestedt, Germany